Red Roses and Christmas Lights!

I was trying to get more of a blurred bokeh effect, but to do that, I would have needed to bring the roses farther away from the tree. And then there would be too much other stuff, walls, particularly, because my tree is narrow and you’d lose the light effect. 🙂

So I used Photoshop to blur the background a bit. I used Gaussian Blur, that way the background is softer and the flowers more noticeable.

I’ve been re-reading and revising older stories and partial stories until I can figure out a plot for the next white bear story!

Have a great one!


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2 thoughts on “Red Roses and Christmas Lights!

    • The next Silver Town story is All’s Fair in Love and Wolf for the Silver Town Wolves. That’ll be Sarandon Silver’s story. And then Meghan’s will be the following year. Who do you think she should be with?

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