When You Can’t Do What You Want to Do…

You make another choice! Yesterday was a day like that.

First, we drove all the way out to the wolf reserve to see the wolves in the snow. And, it was closed. They said on their website they were open. So we went to the air museum instead, which wasn’t far away. There, I asked the lady selling the admission tickets about the wildlife reserve and she said that they close it at the first snow. *sigh* But I enjoyed the snow, and the air museum was fun to go to.

On the way back, I captured some shots of old barns and a partly frozen river. We were bouncing on a bouncy highway, going 75 mph (the speed limit), so I wasn’t sure I’d capture these quickly enough, but they didn’t turn out too badly.

So that night, we drove to the Crab Shack restaurant, another lengthy drive, and it was closed. Permanently. Huh???

Luckily, there were lots of restaurants in the vicinity, so we went to another favorite: the Cheesecake Factory. But we couldn’t believe that it seemed like everywhere we went, everything was closed. We were fortunate that we could make other fun choices.

I’m off to write!! Maybe next week I’ll learn if my new proposed books were picked up or not!

Have a super fun day today!!


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2 thoughts on “When You Can’t Do What You Want to Do…

  1. Wishing you a GREAT 2018 YEAR !
    Happy writing 😉
    I am sure you are missing your little Fairy Princess,
    she probably is thinking where is grandma ?
    where are prince Max and Tanner?

    • LOL, yes! Absolutely! Poor baby and her parents have been sick. I hope to see them for New Years. Poor Max and Tanner. I can’t pick them up until the day after New Years. Wishing you a wonderful New Years too, Lola! Thanks for being a good friend! 🙂

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