Art Museum and Snowy Day

It was a snowy day, and I loved it. The birch trees in the snow around the horse statue were art in and of themselves. The fountain inside was beautiful, and it was cool how they had planters around it so they could change the flowers year round to fit the season.  The paintings were amazing from Monet to Renoir and many other painters I’d never heard of who could capture scenes and people in oil—snapshots of history—in a beautiful way. One was a painter for the King of France and I fell in love with his work. Another was an American woman, early ages, the only woman who reached acclaim in France and received awards.

Sometimes you want to capture something without a ton of people in the picture, but I loved the one with the woman looking at the glass ornament hanging in the window because it shows you just how tall the exhibit was.

I’m off to write. We’re going to brave the -15 degree weather today to see the wolves after lunch. Hopefully, they’ll be out and we’ll be bundled up enough to be all right. Much of the park you can drive through, and I wanted to get pictures of the elk, deer, and buffalo in the snow, probably the only time I’ll ever be up here that I can. But you have to walk up a trail to see the wolves and bears and hopefully they won’t be hiding away.

Enjoy a view of the art of the world today wherever you may find it!


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