Variations on an Old Barn–And Heart of the Wolf–updated version is out!

The one photo is the original, captured at an angle as we were driving past on a bumpy road at 75 mph, bleak sky. I added a sky for mood on one of the shots. Using Topaz Studio, I created a black and white, painted, and HDR version also. The painted could have so many styles. I kind of liked the HDR because it emphasized the clouds hovering above the old barn.  But just adding clouds in the first one, really added to the feel of the picture. And then going from gloomy day to gloomier night…fun!

That’s just like writing too. Starting with a plain scene and giving it mood.

Heart of the Wolf comes out today. The re-release!!!

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I’m in limbo, waiting to hear on if the next 3 books were picked up by my publisher and at the same time, I’m working on edits for All’s Fair in Love and Wolf, and I’m working on 4 different stories: Demon Hunter (halfway done, book 3 in the teen Demon Guardian series), Claiming the White Bear (1/7th done, adult books are 20K longer), and two vampire books in the Blood Moon teen series (Kiss of the Vampire, book 1 is out, Blood Moon, book 2 is 3/25ths done, but book 3 is 1/4th of the way finished. Go figure. 🙂 )

But I need to concentrate on Wolf edits today. I put away all my outdoor Christmas decorations, and the indoor ones, except for the Christmas tree. I can’t move it, so I’ll probably remove the decorations and just leave the lights on it for our New Year’s dinner on Saturday and the kids can help me take it down. It’s in three pieces, and I can’t ever get it apart by myself.

And I played some of Divinity Original Sin2, that I received for a Christmas gift, last night, but half the screen is black periodically. I’ve tried other configurations, and nothing is working. Which means I can’t play my game until the kids come over on Saturday and see if they can figure it out. Which is fine. I need to work!

I finally get to pick up the puppies today. They were closed yesterday. 🙁 If I’d known my daughter would have picked them up for me on Christmas Eve, I could have just run over and picked them up from her afterwards. If there’s a next time, that’s what we’ll do.

Okay, really off to work! Hope you are staying warm if it’s cold there. It’s cold here. Not like up north, but it’s still cold! Hope you have a great day, moody or otherwise!


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