The World of Fae

After reading all the stories, still making changes on The Dark Fae, the very first, but the print books and ebooks are approved for sale on books 2-9, I was thinking about a sick fae.  Write what you know, right?

In one of the books, wolf shifter fae guard a dragon shifter fae’s treasure. Good job for them because they don’t care anything about treasure, but they also have tree farms and sell to fae who want to reforest their lands around their castles, or landscape around their cottages.

I have a belligerent human they’d taken into their world to keep her from leading other fae seers who were killing their kind, and a couple of other humans who joined them some time back. One was protecting Hannah, but her days are numbered. Dragon fae shifter, Ena, who has generously allowed her to live and given her room and board, knows she might someday turn into one of their kind, which is the only reason she hasn’t returned her home and let her face the consequences. But everyone who lives at her castle must be gainfully employed. The other two humans have made her gardens into a slice of heaven, fought her battles and become part of her family. But Hannah is a different story. So when she learns Hannah and Bryan are missing at the morning meal, Ena’s afraid something bad has happened. Or will happen. Not to Hannah, because she is not worthy of Ena’s time, but she’s worried about Bryan, that he’s been protecting the girl, and depending on what has happened to him, that could get him into real trouble.

Where did I get the idea from? Rereading all the stories and being sick still. 🙂 <3

Okay, off to make the changes to The Dark Fae. Haven’t heard back if the new wolf books were purchased or not. I think after I finish edits on The Dark Fae and upload it, I’ll just be…sick.

Have a lovely un-sick day!!!

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3 thoughts on “The World of Fae

  1. I was reading about the Dragon Fae rescuing another….
    my Lady you turned my little world upside down…
    OMG ! she (you) have a Dragon Fae and a Hawk Fae …a Phanton Fae….
    …I have to follow the “yellow brick road to the books !!!”

    • lol, I’ve updated all of them, waiting on the proof to approve the first one, and then I’ll buy some so I can autograph and send to you. I’ve been so sick and trying to get these done, so never made it to the PO, yet!!! They will take a few days to get here anyway, once The Dark Fae is approved and I can order some.

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