Wolf Fever

When I wrote Wolf Fever, the World Health Organization was saying how bad the flu epidemic was going to be that year. It wasn’t, but many were concerned. It did give me the idea for Wolf Fever, however. When a group of wolves manufacture a virus that causes wolf shifters to become stuck in their wolf forms, it’s disaster for the Silver Town wolf pack. They must find a cure before those who are working on it fall ill to the virus.

I was running a 101 temp last night, which for me is high. My temp is usually on the low side. So I was burning up and chilled at the same time. Now, there’s nothing good about it, except that I’m a writer. I use everything to my advantage.

So in the new fae story, one of the human boys living in the fae world has been bitten, and he’s running a high-grade fever. They take him to the human world to a hospital because the fae have a faster healing immune system than humans, and their healers can’t fix the issue with Bryan.

Last night, my face felt like it was on fire–burned to the crisp from being out in the sun too long. Going through this reminds me of how it feels to be shivery inside and burning up at the same time. For Bryan, they’ve put him on antibiotics. For me, I took ibuprofen and musinex/expectorant, and that helps me cough off this garbage, and I can breathe. But my fever was still giving me fits. One of the things you can do is use cool, damp cloths to help cool the feverish skin. I did this a lot in my medieval Highland stories.

But then, the hot Highlander (pun intended), had a pretty lassie to take care of him. I kept getting out of bed to cool off the hand towel, but I couldn’t sleep then. So I finally got a bottle of chilled water (37 degrees), and poured it on the hand towel, repeating every time the hand towel was hot again. I think it was the fae, really, but the one time, I spilled the bottle of water onto me, the bed, but that was okay. It was gone before I knew it was even there. It did help some.

I’m running a fever again this morning, but the battery on my thermometer went out on me, naturally. I asked my daughter if she’d pick up some chicken soup and more of the musinex/expectorant–that isn’t expired. So I need to ask her if she can get me another battery.

What has this got to do with writing? Everything! I can read about it. Or I can experience it. Reading about it is preferable, but if I have to experience it, I can write about it! So poor Bryan feels like me.

Now, it would be boring if I just left it at he was sick, the hospital took care of it, and he got better. So this morning in my feverish state, I was thinking about how I could up the stakes. And I have it! He’s no longer a human boy sick in a hospital bed. He’s a wolf shifter fae, and that’s going to take a lot of explaining. If he doesn’t get out of there pronto.

This flu/colds are going around like crazy all over. I hope you only have to experience them in my writing! And that, no matter what, you don’t turn into a wolf shifter fae.

Stay healthy!!!

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4 thoughts on “Wolf Fever

  1. My Lady, sorry to read you are no feeling better, sound more like you are getting worse, either I missed in another comment or this is the first time you speak about the fever.
    …so I found out what the Brits call ” a toddy” except for the whisky I do that when I need it,
    I prefer to use “HONEY LEMON GINSENG GREEN TEA” I like my tea strong, I use 2 bags, I add extra honey and lime ( green)
    I hope you get well soon .

  2. That sounds good too. I need to get some of that. Yeah, I didn’t have the fever at first. I had it this morning again, but just a headache this afternoon. Thanks!

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