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Baby sleeping on my lap. I had to use the light I had, which was just the natural light from the windows, because I couldn’t move or I’d wake baby. And it was incredibly hard to get all her features in focus when I couldn’t move the camera very far from her while she was sleeping on my lap. I took 17 pictures of her, and only this one (the eleventh one!) turned out nice and crisp. 🙂 <3 But from viewing it on my camera, I couldn’t tell because it was too dark on the screen. 🙂 That’s why it’s best to shoot more than “enough,” hoping that one of them will be the winner!And because baby won’t allow me to put a head band on her, I came up with another solution for the fairy picture I created of her! Fairy flower overlay!

Yesterday, when I was taking the puppies out, I always walk baby, and was showing her a touch of spring: a dianthus flower! Two, in fact. And the grape hyacinths are coming up! The flower isn’t as crisp as I’d like it, but it was beginning to get dark, and I’d had to wait until baby went home!

They keep warning of bad weather–cold, but for now, it’s raining and mild.

On the writing front:The Demon Guardian Series are now all in print. And I talked to my editor about the changes to A Billionaire Wolf Christmas. She said it was brilliant. 🙂

So the edits, and making a couple of bears, are my priority this weekend. And then, I’ve got to knuckle down on writing the next jaguar shifter story. I’m still trying to figure out the opening. And I do think about it off and on all the time, running different scenarios in my mind. They’re sitting in a kitty cat club (jaguar run, but I’ve done that before, so maybe need something wildly different–yes!)

I’ve written 26 wolf shifter and 5 jaguar shifter books. The key for me is to always make them UNIQUE. There’s nothing worse than reading an author’s book that is the same as some other book the author wrote. It’s a challenge for me, because, obviously, it’s just me thinking up the stories. But, I watch movies or listen to the news or think about something that has happened in my past, and voila! I have it! But I can’t wait for that to happen, or I’d never write a story. So I have to keep thinking about it until I have it!

I’m feeling so much better, which is why I’m back to playing with my photography some too! Yay!

Seize the moment! Woohoo!

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