Easter Bears and a Bunny

I’ve been getting some bears (and a bunny–only one pink mohair left) ready for Easter. I’ve added the little lambs for free. www.celticbears.com

And baby and I were playing on the floor yesterday while I was trying to get some pictures. Tanner, the black havanese, and Max, the white, adore her. But Max is a little more wary because she grabs his hair. Tanner doesn’t mind as much. He just loves her. He was not playing tug of war with her on the toy…she kept offering it to him, but he rested his chin on it and they were practically nose to nose. So I had to get a shot. And yes, I washed it after the picture. She is still teething.

But while Keira and I were watching the antics of 2 squirrels out the window, the one taking off, and the other flaunting his tail in an aggressive taunt, suddenly, the hawk flew down onto the patio and sat on the chair right next to the window. And turned his yellow eyes on us. He sat there for some time, bold as could be as we both watched him, and then he flew off and baby got upset. He’s really huge. And I wish I could have gotten a picture of him that close, again!!! But I was holding on to Keira, so couldn’t.

Shipping another bear off today, then have a couple more to make.

Have to do the promo blogs for Flight of the Wolf today, and then, writing Howard’s story. Okay, having really awful nightmares at night, so this morning I was thinking, hmmm, what if a shifter has a parent that is a jaguar and one that is a wolf. In the real world, which is what I base my shifters on, though, hey, how many have you really met? Okay, so they keep their identity secret from humans…most of the time. But since they have a human half, it is possible. Really. Man falls in love with woman…have baby. Then what? She or he wouldn’t be able to have offspring? Or the shifter couple wouldn’t? Or…I could just make it up. 🙂 But I have to know that my readers will go along with it.

Off to do something with the puppies, then get to work.

Hopefully, I will be able to capture the hawk up really close and personal one of these times. That was such a shock!

Have a nice, nightmare-free day and night!!!

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