Super Moon, Blue Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse!

I had already taken the puppies out at 5 am, and then around 6, I looked to see what the weather was going to be like for the day because it was so cold that morning. Oh, oh, oh: Super Moon, Blue Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse started ten minutes earlier. By the time I got my camera and the right lens on, and ran outside, the moon was already eclipsing. Fast. And I didn’t have time to grab a jacket. It was 37 and COLD. I was out there for about an hour taking pictures.

No tripod to hold the heavier lens, so I finally ran inside, grabbed a bunch of boxes of bear fur, stacked them on a patio table, and, didn’t work. Ran back in and got some of my books and stacked them higher, and took steadier shots.  On the one, I focused on the tree branches to show that the tree was in the way!! They turned out pretty cool. This morning we have all cloud cover, so I was glad we had a clear morning to see it anyway!

The wolves, I’m sure, were impressed.

Have a great day!!!

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