Mohair Bears and Bunny

So I went to the maternity shoot, and the couple was so much fun. As soon as I got home, I had to go to a neighbor’s Super Bowl party, and that was enjoyable. Picked up another bear order. lol

I looked at some of the maternity pictures, and a lot of them came out beautifully. They wanted pictures of the two dogs too, so between them trying to get them situated, and the dogs being distracted, that was a challenge. But I loved the pictures with the dogs.

I’ll show off a couple soon.

Here are some more bears, but these are the more expensive mohair furs from England and Germany. In the old days, the US had factories that made mohair sweaters, but they don’t any more. So the mohair fabric has to come from Overseas. I love, love, love it, but the material is sooooo expensive–$135-150 or more a yard, and I can’t sell them for much more than I sell plush, which is $35 a yard for the special furs. Once I finish selling off the ones I can make of the mohair fabric I have left, I won’t be offering them any longer. But I do love them!

I hadn’t planned on making any word count yesterday, but I managed 1,000, so am up to 4,000. Seventy-six thousand to go! It might seem impossible, but I didn’t think I’d have 4,000 at the rate I was going!

And I finished up a purple bear that I’ll show off tomorrow. I have to wait until it’s light out to take a picture. 🙂

Oh, and reviews said that the 85mm lens was supposed to be great for portraits. I’ve tried to take pictures with it before, but they’re always way too dark. In the viewer, all I have is black scenes. I used it to shoot the mohair bears and bunny, but on automatic. I haven’t used the auto setting in eons, once I learned how to do manual. But…with this lens, the pictures were like totally black, no matter how I adjusted settings. Auto did a beautiful job on them. The pictures below are of Tanner, my perfect model as he always loves to pose for me. The first was with manual, indoors, and the second, on Auto, outdoors. Yes, the lighting was dark in the house, overcast skies so not a lot of light from outside through the windows. But when I tried to do the manual outdoors, it was still really dark pictures. So I used auto on the maternity shoot and they turned out beautifully. When I did my daughter and her husband’s maternity shoot last year, I think I used the 28-300 lens, they were soft. So these were nice and sharp.

Have to ship a bear and check on shipping costs for a bear to Australia, and finish another bear too! But I also have to get my word count. And go over the maternity shoot photos so I can send them off.

So off to get started. Yes, it’s 4 am….couldn’t sleep, too much to do. 🙂

Have a great one!!!

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