The Trouble with Portraits…

This is baby nearly a year ago and one I shot yesterday. I don’t normally take people pictures. She was two days old. I love wildlife and landscapes, but when baby was coming, I took a lot of maternity photos and then baby photos. My problem? I didn’t know how to do manual, and I had a lot of grain with high ISO, AND I had terrible lighting. So I’ve gotten better, but now that baby is moving so much more, it’s harder!!!! Again. I can’t use a tripod because she moves too much. and if I raise the ISO, more problem with grain again. The first one was shot at my daughter’s home with what lighting I had. Even with all the windows open, she has no overhead light and just one small lamp. So I must have upped the ISO to compensate.

Some might say my daughter should have her pictures professionally done. But she wouldn’t anyway, and these are MUCH better than the ones I took of the kids with my really poor camera years and years and years ago. 🙂

In the new picture I shot yesterday, I took a ton while baby was sitting in a box, well, trying to climb out of said box, and so I only got a few shots where her features were in focus. It was warm out, overcast, and I opened the back door to let the dogs out, and the light helped to give a lovely natural color to her photo. I had all the window blinds open, but it wasn’t enough. I had considered taking her outside in the box, so I might try that later. I need a taller box so she doesn’t climb out. I need a captive, immovable audience. This box has a hinged lid and I normally use it to store fur, so I used the lid to drape the fur fabric behind her. The bears in the purple baby picture are the ones made out of the fur she was sitting in yesterday.

I edited jaguar a little bit last night, but between playing with baby all day and eating out at a restaurant last night, I wasn’t able to do much more.

And I received a great review from Booklist!

Booklist Online Exclusive: February 7, 2018

Flight of the White Wolf.

Spear, Terry (Author)

Mar 2018. 352 p. Sourcebooks/Casablanca, paperback, $7.99. (9781492655787).

Spear (Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas, 2017) revives her Heart of the White Wolf series with this suspenseful tale. Die-hard werewolf fans will enjoy the tangled wolf politics.

Tangling with a White Wolf―Best Christmas Ever, or Real Trouble?

Romance writer Candice Mayfair never missed a deadline in her life―until an accidental bite from a werewolf puppy turns her into an Arctic wolf shifter. She’s forced to isolate herself in the wilderness to cope with her unpredictable shifting while she works on her deadlines. After all, for Candice, Christmas is just another day.

Enter private investigator Owen Nottingham, a wolf shifter hired to find Candice so she can collect her inheritance. They have a real problem: she must arrive home in human form, and that’s not happening during the full moon. Besides, Owen has a new mission: to convince the pretty she-wolf her best move is to join his pack in time for Christmas…and to prove he’s the only wolf for her.

White Wolf series:

Legend of the White Wolf

Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas (Book 1)
Flight of the White Wolf (Book 2)

Today, it’s pouring out. We’re supposed to have severe thunderstorms. Love storms. Maybe I should add one to the story.

I’m hoping to get my word count of 2,000 and more. It just depends on how stuck I get on the story. So far, I have 69,000 words to go! See, just keep after it and before you know it, it’s done!

Have a super, duper day!!! I’m raring to write!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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