Jaguars Thinking of Each Other

I have to get into the mindset for my writing and sometimes playing with photos that help me to capture the feeling help. The first one is a combination of renderosity black jaguar and a fantasy background, and butterfly overlays from etsy. The second is a jaguar photo I took at the Omaha zoo and the background is from renderosity also.

11,000 done, 69K to go!

Okay, baby should be here any minute. Tanner’s driving me nuts in anticipation of her arrival. I hope to walk her to the park today, if she’s not fussing like when I took her for a walk on Tuesday. It’s supposed to be a high of 70 today, high of 49 on Sunday–see why everyone is getting sick? No time to adjust to the constant swings in weather.

Have a super great big cat day!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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2 thoughts on “Jaguars Thinking of Each Other

  1. Nice pics, have fun with Keira….
    13 F the high will be 14 we got about 2 inches of powdery snow, that’s good because I can use my broom to clean part of the deck and steps.,

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