Cardinals Having Breakfast

Female cardinal is trying to figure out which seed will be the best. The male has already grabbed his. And the cardinal was sharing the food with a sparrow.

I only have 8K left to write on the book!!! Lots more to do, but that’s the word count anyway!

I’m in a photo challenge, using light from a doorway to take a photo of your subject. I did it with my granddaughter a couple of weeks ago. So I’ll try a new one with me standing outside. I was trying to take pictures of her in my box of fur and I had to let the dogs out. When I did, I realized how much soft light entered the room. Plus the baby was fascinated with everything going on outside and she still couldn’t figure out how to get out of the box to join the puppies. 🙂 <3 The light streams in from outdoors, but a patio cover keeps it from being harsh.

But for now, I have to get back to the story!!!! Do you ever notice how slowly the time goes when you have a vacation coming up? And how fast it goes when you have a dreaded deadline coming???

Don’t sweat the small stuff! And keep on going with the deadline stuff! Have a great one!!!


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