Crawfish/Crayfish/Crawdad Party!

My next-door neighbor had a crayfish party and so I had fun taking pictures, and eating the pork ribs and fried catfish while many were dressed in the green for St. Patrick’s Day!

The kids were so cute with the crayfish! But I also got some practice in for the photography challenges. Moving people, no blurry body parts, check! Clear the clutter, trying to have a nice backdrop where I could when I was trying to focus on people! There was so much clutter with the stuff, when I was trying to concentrate on the kids or other people and capture the moment, so it’s just something I have to remember to watch for. Check (for the most part). Background blur. Check. (the one was of the son cooking ribs and I should have gone across the street to have a better background on that to take the shot from the  other direction, plus my focus was off.) Natural facial expressions. Check! Nice light. Check!

Background blur was the next assignment, so your focus is more on your subject. In this case I had a higher f setting so that I could focus on more people.

The next challenge was telling a story, and that’s something I wanted to show too. The before (live crayfish), during (kids playing with them), and after (time to eat!)

And so I met the challenge!

Now I have to meet my deadline. Off to work! Have a lovely, fun, storytelling day!


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