Buttercup–Different Points of View

Like in photography, with writing, we can show different perspectives. It’s fun to move around when trying to take pictures of a subject and see how that changes the view.

In writing, since I write in third person, I switch back and forth to show off the two main characters’ points of view. Who has the most to lose or gain in the scene? That’s whose point of view it will be in. It helps when I get stuck sometimes, to change point of view. Sometimes, I’ll share a secondary character’s point of view to show how others are thinking of the main characters. This can give even more depth to the main characters. But too many points of view can be confusing.

Once, I read a story where a person has a whole chapter in his viewpoint, but  was never mentioned any other time in the book. It was like the author had just stuck him in there, and forgotten about him. Another started off with the character running for her life and so you think, she’s going to survive since it’s her story, right? Nope! Author killed her off. It was maybe 3/4ths through the book that I finally realized the killer was the heroine’s father. By then did I care? No. It was like this random scene to get the adrenaline running, and then, wait, we have to start over with a new character? And it didn’t seem like that prologue was in any way connected with the book for chapter after chapter. So if we offer someone else’s point of view, he should be important to the rest of the story. 🙂

In the pictures I took of the buttercup, I noticed the purple flowers in the background and I wanted to capture the bokeh. On one, I looked down from above and focused on the top flower. So each flower became the main focus, and then some parts of the one flower became the main focus. The rest, the bokeh, showcases the main character.

Okay, I’m off to do more edits. Still need to figure out the ending. I’ve written the epilogue already. 🙂 Just need the final scene(s) to wrap everything else up.

Have a lovely day!!!


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