The World of Macro

No more spring break, which means baby’s on her way here and I’m nearly done with my book! I would be today if I wasn’t taking care of baby. Hopefully, I can get something done on it though tonight and finish up in the morning.

So here is the world of macro: miniature roses that are small and ready to burst into flower, which are small. I’ve never had any luck with them wherever I’ve lived until I moved here. Even so, they struggled here the first year. And the second. But this is the third year, and they’re finally getting a little size. They will never get really big since they’re miniatures, but I love them.  A toadstool hiding beneath leaves. And the blossoms on a beefsteak tomato plant. I don’t think they were pollinated yet. Bees have been flying about so hopefully the tomato plants will give me abundant tomatoes like two years ago. I didn’t grow them last year, too busy. And I still need to put out the baby watermelon seeds! I had placed them around a tree, which had since died and so I need to figure out where to put these! I love a small yard, but it offers other challenges.

Off to get ready for the baby!

Remember to take a close look at all that surrounds us! It’s a small small small world after all. Enjoy it!


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