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The World of Macro

No more spring break, which means baby’s on her way here and I’m nearly done with my book! I would be today if I wasn’t taking care of baby. Hopefully, I can get something done on it though tonight and finish up in the morning.

So here is the world of macro: miniature roses that are small and ready to burst into flower, which are small. I’ve never had any luck with them wherever I’ve lived until I moved here. Even so, they struggled here the first year. And the second. But this is the third year, and they’re finally getting a little size. They will never get really big since they’re miniatures, but I love them.  A toadstool hiding beneath leaves. And the blossoms on a beefsteak tomato plant. I don’t think they were pollinated yet. Bees have been flying about so hopefully the tomato plants will give me abundant tomatoes like two years ago. I didn’t grow them last year, too busy. And I still need to put out the baby watermelon seeds! I had placed them around a tree, which had since died and so I need to figure out where to put these! I love a small yard, but it offers other challenges.

Off to get ready for the baby!

Remember to take a close look at all that surrounds us! It’s a small small small world after all. Enjoy it!


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Storms Yesterday Afternoon through the Night

stormstomato plant knocked over in stormHmm, this is the second time my tomato plant container was blown over in a storm. I took out the wrought iron trellis, figuring it was making it too top heavy. Obviously, that didn’t make any difference. I’m going to try putting the trellis in the ground and tying the tomato plants to it. Maybe that will work….

And MAX! Leave the tomatoes alone. 🙂

Electricity went out so I kept the computer off. Bad electrical storm.

I found a used barrister bookcase at a real steal–a lady had it in her laundry room and wanted to get rid of the 40-year old cabinet that was her father’s. I had books stacked up in the corner of my office. So I was thrilled. I either was putting books away, or digging up grass around the plants I moved from out front to out back and planting flowers. Or, one flower. A pine branch fell in the storm, and broke off several of the flower stems for the ones I had sitting “safely” on the patio until I plant them.

new barrister book case  400For $80, when new ones cost around $600, it was a steal. 🙂  Now I have to organize the rest of the room and hang up pictures. Finally.

Okay, I’m off to write. Hope you have a lovely day!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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