Creating Garden Paths…


When I went to West Texas A & M, they said they didn’t create walking paths because they were waiting for the students to create them. Then they paved them. My neighbor said he was constantly walking through his planting beds so he finally created a path through them.

I have some natural stones in mine that I use for stepping stones so I can weed without standing in the dirt. Why????? Because of fire ants. Creating paths gives direction. But it doesn’t keep everyone on the path! People are just too unpredictable.

Okay, baby will be here any moment. The dogs are whining at the door in happy anticipation. And I reached 19,000 on word count, which was the goal. I couldn’t think of where to go next, or I would have tried to reach 20,000 yesterday for an even number.

Hope your day goes great and for those who are getting snowbound, hope it melts off quickly and doesn’t snow again until next winter!


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