Hairy Bears and Hairy Woodpeckers


Finished an order of a teddy bear for a newborn, and caught a much better shot of the hairy woodpecker this time. He’s getting used to me.

Still plugging away at the story. 35K done, 45K to go.

Computer and internet giving me fits, so finishing this while I can!

Have a lovely rest of the weekend! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Hairy Bears and Hairy Woodpeckers

  1. I am guessing Makani is a girl? I imagen is one of those names can be either boy or girl
    Yes, birds get use to people they see often.
    like my deer friends they come all the way in from of my deck,
    if I see them by the apple tree or in the lawn, they constantly look toward the house,
    I swear they follow me through the windows … I say…hi, you coming to visit, they come,
    I give them bread, last Sunday I was feeding them standing in my deck and my grandchildren
    were next to me they were no afraid of the boys.

  2. Yes, a little girl. 🙂
    How cute on the deer. Yeah, the same with at Disney World, the birds and rabbits weren’t afraid of the people, There were so many!

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