Did You Meet Your Goals?

I did, and I didn’t, and I exceeded them.

I did the blogs I had to for promo, I picked up my daughter from the airport while security men were yelling at all of us that we had to leave by 5 pm!!!! They made me move when my daughter was just trying to get into the car!!! I had nightmares about that last night. Whoever knew picking someone up at the airport could create such conflict???

And I wrote on SEAL Wolf Surrender. Now, the good news is I wrote 4,400 words instead of 2,000. Which meant I didn’t get the edits started on Her Jaguar Protector. But by writing more on the SEAL book, I’ll have a day reprieve on word count to edit the other book. Which means I need to bulk it up a little more because I need more than one day to work on edits. And….I have 44,000+, which means I have only 36,000, on the downhill slide, and that’s always fun getting over the hump. Over halfway home!

Today, I have one goal: work more on SEAL since I’m on a roll, and if I get stuck, switch over and begin to do edits on Jaguar.

I was thrilled to see these reviews for All’s Fair in Love and Wolf on BookBub. I’ve never had any there before.

“Entertaining, sexy, gripping, emotional and thrilling romantic adventure filled with deception, danger, passion and intriguing attraction. ” ~~Cajewel review at BookBub

“I liked how the ghost-hunter crew was brought back into this story. The history discovered in Ritka’s diaries was fascinating. I also appreciated the identity theft aspect of the novel. It is very pertinent in our society. ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WOLF was skillfully written and exciting to read. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.”~~~Diane reviewed at BookBub

I write and write and write and write, and I never know if what I write will resonate with readers. So I’m always thrilled when my writing does. 🙂 <3

After the newsletter went out about the new release, I had questions from fans about if I’d have a new SEAL Wolf book out soon. Yes! It will be out next year, probably around May. The next book I have to write will be the Christmas release for next year and it will be about the Silver wolves again.

I’m off to get to work!! It’s cloudy, yay, and hot. Looking forward to some rain. It’s going to be 90 already.

Have a super day!


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