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“Sometimes identity theft can bring you the love of your life”

Fresh Fiction Review

All’s Fair in Love and Wolf
Terry Spear

Reviewed by Kim Roller
Posted May 11, 2018

Romance Paranormal

ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WOLF takes you back to Terry Spear’s the Silver Town Wolves series for another look at life as a shifter in a close knit pack. This book centers on how a case of identity theft can bring you the love of your life. Even though this was the first time that I’ve read this particular part of the series, I had no trouble following the lives of the Silver boys and their family and friends in Silver Town. Silver Town is a unique town in Colorado that is completely wolf run and owned. This book is the story of Jenna and Sarandon who weren’t looking for true love, but they find it in the most unusual way.

I always look forward to reading Terry Spear’s books. They are entertaining, funny, and show what true love can be like and how you just know when you’ve found the right person and wolf for you. I can’t wait to read the next book in the Silver Town Wolves series and any other shifter books her imagination can come up with. I’m just sorry I got such a late start in reading her books.

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The Silver Town wolf pack has your back

Wolf shifter Sarandon Silver’s in trouble with the law, and bounty hunter she-wolf Jenna St. James is determined to bring him in for trial.

Lucky for Sarandon, the entire Silver Town pack is ready to fight for his innocence. But until the case is solved, Jenna’s sticking to Sarandon like glue…

Still working on settings to make sure the fast moving baby isn’t a blur. She was hilarious yesterday. For the first time ever, she smiled when she realized I was setting up to take her photos, ie, bringing in the soft box into the kitchen to try and have better lighting for the first time. But what was so funny was she came over while I was crouching down to look at the pictures on the camera! She’s going to be like Tanner, the black havanese, and a photo hound. lol

Anyway, she was pointing at herself on the camera viewer. So then I was sitting on the floor to get shots of her at more her level, but she kept crawling toward me fast and climbed into my lap for hugs. lol I needed the settings on hummingbird speed. So those were a blur. I still need to get better about getting the right settings as her hand is slightly blurred in the picture with Tanner.

So today, we’re walking a mile and a half for the Spring Independent School District student scholarship fundraiser and health awareness. It’s early, good thing, because it’s going to be hot. And then I’m fixing lunch for us. I started re-reading Her Jaguar Protector last night so I can turn this in on Monday. I’ll finish that today. Going to try to read one more chapter before I leave.

And tomorrow is a wild and crazy day for Mother’s Day. Baby baptism, so I will be taking lots of pictures. And Mother’s Day, and then I can relax, right?

Have a lovely day! I’m starting mine out right with a nice little walk!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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