Not Fair!

Storytellers can’t cheat! That’s the reader rule. If a bad guy is a bad guy, he can’t be someone new that’s stuck in at the end of the story. It’s not fair. Readers have to have the opportunity to guess who he is.

Okay, so I watched a series where the bad guy turns out to be a woman, figured that from her size, BUT this is the kicker. She has multiple personality disorder and her other personality is her son. Okay, no problem. This isn’t revealed until the end, but that’s okay. I can live with it. BUT, others see him and talk to him as a separate entity. While she’s in the room. They even question him at one point while she’s standing off to the side. And then she moves in to take his place on a chair to be questioned. The whole time, they are two unique people that everyone sees. Now, later in the series, people “see” her with him, but then the show indicates that she was alone. That doesn’t discount that earlier in the series, they were all talking to him and she was in the room too, not that close by.

He’s a real, separate person. Then conveniently at the end, he’s not. Just in her mind. What?????

That is soooo wrong in so many ways. It’s like the storyteller decided to do a huge twist, but it only works if it’s consistent from the beginning.

Ladybugs in my garden…

Okay, off to write on my own story. I bought another book cover. I’m a total book cover hoarder. *sigh*

Have a great day!!!


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