Shadow and Light

Light was the challenge for Click, Grow, Love this time and I apologize for my collage. The template didn’t quite work out for me. My fault, of course. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong.

I often see a stream of light in the darkness and for me, that’s fun, to see the shadows and sunlight, not just a strictly cloudy day for pictures that do turn out great, but the dappled sunlight and deep shadows can add drama.

The next challenge?

Your Challenge: Capture Your Fave Morning Routine

Ugh. My morning routine is taking the dogs out to go to the bathroom, feeding them, taking them out to go to the bathroom, getting my tea, blogging, then writing. Well, this morning I also was watering my plants and adding a little peroxide to the water fountain to get rid of algae, and food for the birds. Oh, and taking pictures. Yep. First thing. The full moon was still visible, so grabbed some shots of that. I don’t have a pretty breakfast, or kids to take pictures of today, or anything this beautiful. This is the photographer’s vision of morning activities. If I made breakfast, it could be of exploding microwave eggs, or boring oatmeal…

I usually skip it and just have lunch early. I didn’t read the exercise until this morning, and we’ve already done all our first morning activities. I could use yesterday’s photos. I took baby for a walk first thing, which I always do, then we checked out the tomatoes and I took a picture, and I took her to splash in the wading pool, all early morning to avoid the sun. It was already extremely hot and muggy first thing.

One nice thing about the challenges, is you can do them any day, so maybe I’ll do this tomorrow, make some exploding eggs, show what one author’s life is really like! I probably need to put that in a story.

L-R Morvern Shaw, Kate Theres, Lou Glendon (From Louise Glendon, Click, Grow, Love)

On writing, I am still working on the book, and I was thinking of how I need to make this more personal, as far as the bad guys go. I’ve been watching an Australian series where two women are caught up in a bad cops’ drama, and both women have committed crimes themselves, only the one’s was justified. But by watching the show, it reminds me to: make my characters have deeper characterizations–the one woman steals lipstick, even when that can get them caught and they’re on the run from the good cops and the bad cops. She habitually cleans things when they’re on the run, etc.

And the bad guys are bad, but they also have some admirable traits. For instance, the one really rotten cop will kill anyone for money and power, but he doesn’t want to lose his wife and kids, even though the wife is very happy to stab him in the back to keep her father from going to prison. It’s all very twisted, lots of conflict, and you wonder how the women are going to get out of the next bad situation. I like watching something like this to remind me of what I need to do with the current book.

I keep thinking the bad guys in my story need to show up earlier, somehow, and I began to think about the mention of how the hero had been shot 3 times on an earlier PI job. But nothing more about it. He has a bulletproof Humvee because of it. There’s a comment about when he’s grazed by a bullet it’s no big deal. Not unless he has 3 or more bullet holes. So what happened? Who was the attempted murderer? Did he survive? Yes!!! That’s it! The tie-in I need for the one bad guy. He was the shooter.  I didn’t glean this from the show, but it’s been something I’ve been thinking of–just how to show the bad guys earlier. We have two shown early on. And I kept forgetting about the hero having been shot 3 times. That’s why I need to re-read the whole book, jot down loose ends and tie them up.

Okay, I’m off to work on the story. I think I’m going to have to do my morning routine photography challenge tomorrow. See if I can explode some eggs. NOT.

Have a great one!!! And hope your eggs do lots better than mine, if you microwave them!


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