Perfectly Purple

Baby’s on her way, so I’m trying to get this done this morning before she gets here. I was working until late last night on the book. Added 2,000 more, still working toward the end.

This was the 1st day challenge for Click, Love, Grow: Pick your favorite color and make a collage of it. I LOVE purple, don’t have much in the line of purple in the house, but I love to see purple flowers in the garden, make purple bears, light, dark, and a mixture, and dress baby in it when I can. The purple mountains are on my favorite mug that I brought home from Scotland–feature the black faced sheep, and the Scottish thistle tea cup my mother gave me years ago. The little purple cup was from my son and daughter’s great-great grandmother. When I picked it out of the inheritance their grandmother had received, my MIL said she’d checked and it didn’t have any value.

She’s wrong. It’s the prettiest purple tea cup I’ve ever loved to own.

And Dreaming of the Wolf was my only purple cover. Love it. I had wanted to have a field of purple wildflowers in Colorado, since Jake Silver was a photographer and captured them in his photos. But my publisher said the real photographer wanted too much, so they turned the whole cover purple. Love it!

Okay, off to take care of baby! Have a beautifully purple day!

Today’s photo challenge is light.


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