Birthday Celebration Time!

We’re celebrating my son-in-law’s and my birthday today–my son sent the flowers, and I was having fun with adding a fairy to the dandelion photo.

I’m off to feed the puppies before they starve to death–that’s what they’re telling me anyway. And back to work on the story before we begin partying.

I have to get this done!!! I worked on about 3 more chapters last night after baby went home.

I’ve been watching I Shouldn’t Have Survived. It’s a really good series, but there’s a reoccurring theme: people don’t let anyone know where they’re going, when they’re returning, they don’t take satellite phones, cell phones, GPS locaters, they don’t take water or food, they go it alone.

Yep. And then they get into trouble and no one even knows about it. Now in a few cases, they had the food and water and lost it in a sunken boat, or avalanche, or while pinned under a vehicle. But the avalanche story and the pinned under the vehicle cases? Both were alone and didn’t tell anyone when they were returning and where they were going.

Another thing was checking the weather. Ignoring it or just not checking. And pushing forward, when they should have stayed put. One got lost in a blizzard and kept pushing to reach the top. He was an amateur hiker, lost all sense of direction, had told people where he was going to be, but he ended up in a different valley, and fell off a cliff. Two different cases got lost in the outback, kept walking. Everyone knew where they were supposed to go, and searched for them there, but they didn’t stay put.

Clothing issues. No one planned to be gone for long. Hour, three hours. Most of the places were hot during the day, and the temperature would drop drastically at night. Hypothermia would set in. They were always wearing light clothing. And most of the time they couldn’t be seen against the vast landscape of desert or snowy mountains or the never-ending sea.

I do have some survival crises in my stories–usually just read tons of similar stories on the internet–avalanche in one book, rip current in another, falling through a snowbridge in another. Since I have to keep my main characters smart, I can’t have them doing dumb things like the survivors did. It has to be a real accident. Nothing they could plan for. Or in the case of an avalanche, that knuckleheads created by running up and down a slope on snowmobiles and the wolves had to rescue them.

But it helps to watch shows like this to get new ideas!

Have a great one! I’ve got to get to work on the story before I can play.


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2 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration Time!

  1. Beautiful flowers.
    Happy Celebration !
    Poor Max and Tanner I “can see they are only “bone and hair ” LOL
    That series sounds crazy… no my kind I will be very frustrated …

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