Playing Around with Photos!

So baby is here, so fussy, slept all night, didn’t want to be held, wanted to be held, ate a little, played a little, and I finally thought I’d try to put her down for a nap, even though I didn’t think she wanted one. That was it!!!

While she slept, I finished making up the collages for the Click, Grow, Love challenge. It was about taking pictures of what you see in the garden. So I did two: one on garden trinkets and one on flowers and animals in the garden. Though on the trinket one, I had a couple of doves take a seat next to the fairy and one on the stepping stone.

I also worked on a composition for a contest, though mine isn’t that great. Still have lots to learn.But they’re fun to do.

Okay, baby is awake and laughing, so must do something with her. I’m halfway through edits on the book, still no end in sight. lol

Have a wonderful day!!!


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