A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas!

It’s coming in October!

Billionaire Wolf Christmas

October 2, 2018

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Billionaire-Wolf-Christmas-Terry-Spear/dp/1492655848/

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So I received a note from my editor on You Got Me at Jaguar. They want to change Howard’s last name. No problem, except that he is in a couple of other books that are already published.

I run out of names. Pure and Simple. I make up names for secondary characters, trying to ensure I don’t have the same name because what if–and this has happened–I end up with a hero in one book, and then a hero in a much later book, with the same last name. OMG, I planned it that way! They are now brothers. But sometimes I make a name that my editors don’t feel is hero material. And that is the problem. But you see….I didn’t plan to make him a hero. Note to self–make all secondary male names hero names. This has happened twice for me in my wolf books.

I have over 60 books out and so it makes it a real challenge to keep up with.

Anyway, You Had Me at Jaguar is coming back for a second round of edits any day now, and I received the final proof of A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas, so I’m trying to get through that and turn it in, then get back to the ending on SEAL Wolf Surrender. My plan to just finish SEAL has been thwarted. Next week, I’ll only be getting baby one day a week, so that will give me an extra full day to write. For ONE day. BUT, then I’m helping my daughter with watching baby for several days while she’s busy with her conference, and that does away with my writing goals too….

That means I have to quit goofing off and get all 3 books done, pronto! I need to do the synopsis for the current book too for marketing.

When it gets overwhelming like this, I just tackle the easiest project first–final proofing of Billionaire. I’m hoping to have it done by tomorrow.  This was the neverending story, so it is a really long book. I’m on ch 6 now… I think there are 25 chapters. Maybe more.

Then, I’m going to try and finish SEAL before Jaguar boomerangs back to me.

And that’s the plan. Oh, and take pictures, of course. Got to get my fix in for picture taking! Found two juvenile dragonflies yesterday and my purple magic crepe myrtle is in bloom, and will show off pictures tomorrow!

Have a super, lovely hump day! Mine is grand–full steam ahead–tackle, tackle, tackle….


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4 thoughts on “A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas!

  1. Take a deep breath my Lady ♥
    how you keep up is a wonder… how do you know how many words go in a book?
    like por example how many words are in the 10th Anniversary Heart of the Wolf,
    just out of curiosity, after all this books is 13 hours 36 minutes.

    • Hey, lassie!! I’m getting close to the end of proofing Billionaire, woohoo!!!!! On Word, it shows how many words. 🙂 It was 123,000. Was Night of the Wolf also in the audio? I’ve just started to listen to it. The novella is 22,000. 🙂 <3

  2. WOW
    sorry I did’t look back for an answer
    Yes Night of the Wolf was with the Audio of All is Fair in Love and Wolf.
    Thanks for word count.

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