Making the Most of an Unscheduled Day Off!

I hear people say all the time, their kids started school, or they had extra time off and planned to really get so much more done. But then they filled their days with other stuff, and didn’t write, or whatever else they had really wanted to use the time for.

I had 3 books I’m juggling to finish. Turned A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas in. With a trip coming up, 2 more deadlines, and with a free day off (baby and momma stayed home to be sick), I worked and worked and worked on Friday on the jaguar edits. I’m over halfway done on edits for Jaguar, and thrilled!!! Now the title is: You Had Me at Shifter.


Purple Magic Crepe Myrtle, St. Patrick’s Day bear and 2 Santa Bears Sold!

And my editor changed my hero’s last name to Anderson to make it more hero like. ONLY one problem with that. The jaguar couple who join them is also named Anderson. And the human homicide detective that gets into the act is named Sanderson. And since my editor changed Howard’s name already, I was scrambling to remove the new Anderson to Armstrong, the name I had suggested, without screwing up all the other names. Which I made the mistake of doing. Yep. Find and Replace turned the other jaguar shifters’ Anderson name, when I didn’t want that. I didn’t realize he and his mate were in the book until I read through further. (I’ve worked on 3 books since I wrote this one), AND Sanderson became SArmstrong. I have trouble with names anyway. PLEASE don’t create more problems for me! lol

Anyway, I’m over halfway through and I’m ecstatic! Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish it up today or tomorrow, and jump on SEAL again. Once I finish these, I need to write another wolf book on deadline, but I can take a day break to just get other stuff done. Or…not. I have 6 bear orders stacking up on me. lol Four of the bears are made, just need to finish up details, embroider paws, etc. Two are waiting on fur–those are the pandas, and one is waiting on tartan fabric from Scotland. One of the Santas needs a bag of toys.

Okay, enough goofing off. It’s time to play with the jaguars and wolves again until they’re finished!!!

Have a super fun weekend!!!


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