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Flight of the White Wolf
Terry Spear

Reviewed by Kim Roller
Posted June 7, 2018

Romance Paranormal

THE FLIGHT OF THE WHITE WOLF by Terry Spear takes Amelia White and Gavin Summerfield on a dangerous and steamy trip through the Border Waters of Minnesota. Coincidence or fate that they’ve come together again and that people from their past are in the areas as well? Is Gavin’s current mission part of all the danger or is he supposed to be protecting Amelia and her family from danger? It all is woven with intrigue and love by Terry Spear in the second book of her White Wolf Series and the twenty-fourth book in her Wolf Shifters Series, which has many sub-series, all loosely connected.

Terry Spears takes you on a dangerous ride that leaves you wondering who’s the bad guys are and why they are after the people in the Border Waters in Minnesota. I was surprised by the outcome and impressed with the ending that brings everything together and wraps up nicely. I look forward to the next installments in the White Wolf and Heart of the Wolf Series. It’s a series that can continue for many books to come!

Purple Magic crepe myrtle is pictured. On the bottom left hand corner is the red snapdragons that are volunteers. Baby is late. Mom called, they’re both sick.

I sort of finished SEAL Wolf Surrender. It’s with two beta readers now.

And I still have edits on You Had Me at Jaguar. Without baby here, I’m off to work on Jaguar!!!

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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    • I just started listening to it. Love the narrator’s voice. Is Night of the Wolf included? I hope so!

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