San Antonio–The Riverwalk

Reflections of colorful umbrellas in the river, honeybee on flowers, Duck and her ducklings, Baby seeing the city view

Having internet issues this morning. And I can’t type. lol

So, I haven’t posted a blog in a while, and baby was the reason! My daughter was at a school nutrition conference, she was a speaker for a couple of classes, and I took care of baby. Which meant getting absolutely NO time to write or blog or anything. BUT, baby and I walked along the Riverwalk in San Antonio for 4+ hours every day. Four hours in the morning, and she slept for two, and another hour and a half in the evening when we went out with Momma to eat dinner. And I took a lot of fun pictures. And baby and I had fun too. But forget about getting a good night’s sleep either. lol

Glad to be home, but Momma and Daddy want me to babysit for their anniversary on Saturday, so baby will be here again. Getting edits done on SEAL Wolf Surrender so I can turn in the book today. We got in yesterday and I worked on 3 bears, heads are on! Still need ears and noses.

Have a super, duper day!!!


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