Black Honeybee and Reflections

I didn’t know that black honeybees existed. Did you? This one was on the Pride of Barbados and I had thought it was a honeybee until I uploaded the picture and then thought, wait, it’s black! But when I looked it up, sure enough, it’s a honeybee. It’s fun always learning something new.

I also love capturing lights on the water on the Riverwalk in San Antonio–reflections can be beautiful.

So I’ve been sick with a summer cold, taking care of baby, and I think she’s got the cold too. I’m sure it had to do with being in all that heat for hours, and then returning to the air conditioned hotel room AND not getting enough sleep because baby wouldn’t sleep through the night. I feel awful, but the work is stacking up, so I keep on working.

I finished reading SEAL Wolf Surrender and turned it in. And I finished up the marketing materials for the book. I’ll read it over again this morning before I turn it in.

And then I have 3 bears waiting for me to finish and ship. The tartan fabric came in for Urquhart. I saw their castle in Scotland. Loved it!

Okay back to work. Hope you have a great day, no matter what you’re up to today!


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