Before…After…More Teddy Bears to Come!

The cart full of teddy bear parts miraculously turned into a bunch of finished bears! Still working on more of them, but they’re getting there! The two pandas are on their way to their homes, another two are in progress–the one is sold, and Wild One Bear (the hot pink and purple and orange) sold and she is on her way to Australia as soon as I embroider her paws.

I spent most of yesterday re-reading SEAL Wolf Surrender, catching more discrepancies, and I have 60 pages to go. Hope to be finished with it before baby gets here at 11:30. I hoped to ship the other panda by then too, but I don’t think I’ll have time. And I have to do the marketing materials for this book: short synopsis, long synopsis, cover ideas, etc. I’ll try to do that after baby goes home tonight. Sunday, I need to finish the other panda bear and then ship her on Monday, so I’ll probably just ship the other one then too. 🙂 Still waiting on Tartan fabric from Scotland to finish another order.

I’ll be working on a couple of angel bears and a couple of steampunk bears too. I’m nearly done with making the bears for the steampunk costumes, then have to create the outfits. The angel bears are still in process.

Off to finish reading the book!! Hope your weekend is filled with fun things to do too!


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