Beautiful Memories and a Rainbow Welcome Home!

The double and single rainbows were in the clouds when I was in the airplane, descending into the Houston airport. The mirrored curved wall was the coolest artwork in a very strange field of art sculptures. And  Tasha is the black bear, 3 years old, playing in the pond.

The fun thing about the trip was that I took thousands of pictures and all are beautiful, fun, interesting, and funny memories that I can look back on for years. In the meantime, I managed to type up more of the story after writing for 5 hours while waiting to board the plane and while flying to Houston. I only paused to take some cloud and rainbow pictures. I ended up with 19,000, which is 5,000 over my word goal!

But, my gardens need major weeding. At 95 degrees, it’s just sooooo hot. I did take some zinnia pictures this morning, and I’m still downloading all the pictures I took on the trip. I still need to unpack more, but have to get my word count too. The puppies have been playing all morning. They’re happy I’m home, though they loved being at my daughter and SIL’s home with the baby and the corgis.

Off to work… Have a super, memory-filled day!


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