If You Know Something’s Wrong…

Go with your gut instinct. At least for me, I have to do this with my writing.

I have a lot of ghostly stuff in my story–the heroine and her sisters see ghosts, so it’s part of who she is. Can’t help it. I can’t ignore that’s what she does, and they’ve been in 2 Silver Town stories, so I can’t do away with it. Why would I be concerned about it? My editor doesn’t like ghosts.

I need to work on the romance and show them having fun early on. And I added a wolf beginning to show they were shifters. But…I had to show the crux of the problem right away too… And that means the hero has to do his job–he’s a sheriff. There’s a little bit of secrecy on both characters’ parts, but when you can explain it in a conversation to each other, and everything can be worked out that way–then end of conflict.

At the International Wolf Center–the conflict begins: Denali starting to show his teeth and then full on teeth display and at that point, Grayson looks away to show he’s backing down. This was over a beaver they’d been giving for enrichment. Denali is 10 and Grayson is only 2, but Axel, Grayson’s brother, is becoming the emergent leader. He wouldn’t let anyone get near the beaver until he had his fill. Now Denali is taking his turn. Denali’s brother, Aidan, has always been the leader, but he just slept while the others were establishing hierarchy.

Romantic characters need conflict. Not just an argument between two people who disagree, but something that goes deeper–to the root of that persons’ beliefs. Now, I’ve already given them the deeper roots, and then allowed them to say it was fine with them.

I really have this issue of not liking to have conflict between my romantically-inclined characters. And yet, it could be the perfect issue of conflict between them. So I’m going to just have to toughen up and have them deal with the bone of contention between them. It’s something that is key to the wolves’ beliefs, so not something that is human-related. It helps to make this story different. Both have done something that can jeopardize that–only very much different from each other. So they would be the perfect conflicts. I just have to go back in and rewrite it to make it work. 🙂

So then I had a light bulb go off this morning. I find it’s best if the bad guy has a tie in with the good guys somehow that makes everything a lot more personal. I can’t plot this stuff for the life of me, but all of a sudden, the light bulb literally went on, and I had it. So now the rogue wolf is integral to the story, not just an outsider running through their lives.

Okay, before I forget what I’m supposed to do, I’ve got to write. Hope you have no conflict in your romantically-inclined lives! Have a lovely day!!


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2 thoughts on “If You Know Something’s Wrong…

  1. That was very interesting, I possibly may have an incorrect perception of the whole publisher/editor/author relationship and how it should work. Even after taking time to research it a little more this morning, I still do not know how I feel about it. So, thanks for stimulating my interest (again) in that subject. This story looks extraordinary even with having to pass mustard with the editor. I cannot wait to read it. Cheers

    • lol, I know, it should be what my fans like, right??????? Well, I’m not sure I can create conflict with the original idea I had, but the bad guy conflict? He’s going strong. lol Thanks!!! Stay cool!

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