A Blue Octopus

Have you ever ordered something and you get the wrong thing, have to ship it back, and yay! Get what you ordered, but on the box it says it’s the same thing you got last time that isn’t what you ordered??? The fae come to mind.

But I also wonder if no one else wants the item and that’s why I keep getting it back. It’s a new one, not the same one, but hey, if they send it to me enough times, I’ll give up and give in? A blue octopus???? Not me. I finally got hold of someone on a chat to get it straightened out. I’m sure the item is shelved wrong–and that it is not some evil intention to pawn something off on me that I don’t want, but…..

It would make for a good story. Right?

You see, real life makes for a good story. Really.

The real item should be here on Monday, and I have to take the wrong one to the post office today, yet again. I’m just hoping this time it’s the right one!

I finally saw my son-in-law and daughter’s new chairs for gaming, and I decided that’s what I need for my desk after trying them both out and liking my daughter’s. I do play games (when I finish a book and have the time), but it’s for writing for me. The chair I have now is soooooo uncomfortable, that I can’t sit on it for long. It has no padding (though since I have extra, you’d think I wouldn’t have any trouble there), and no back support. So I have to sit on my recliner and use my laptop. I’d love to be able to sit at my desk and write all day long again. I used to, but my old chair was in bad shape, so when I moved, I got rid of it. But it was good for writing! I only used my laptop for trips back then.

So, hey, isn’t that a good line of reasoning? Once I have my new chair, I can write faster? That’s what one of my critique partners said about her lack of writing for years–if she gets a new keyboard, maybe it will jump-start her writing? Go for it!

But then the challenge is getting all the chair parts into one piece, and hoping that they don’t send me a blue octopus instead.

Off to get caught up on my writing. I got behind yesterday. Hope you stay ahead of the game and if you like blue octopuses, let me tell you how you can get one!


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