The Blue Octopus Troubles Returneth

Truly, this could be a short story! So I return the 3 blue octopuses that were not what I ordered, and got a note yesterday from Amazon saying that I was being charged for one that wasn’t returned, and what they were charging me for was more than the refund they gave me because they cheated me out of my refund to begin with!

So I was back on the chat again, trying to get it straightened out. Yes, all three ugly blue octopuses had been received. Wow, what are they trying to pull anyway??? And yes they refunded me for a different teapot that was less expensive and they owed me $8.13. They would give me $8. Does that sound screwy or what? And besides that, they applied it toward another item that I didn’t need a refund for, something entirely different.

And they still probably shorted me on the amount. Sheesh.

So I made a video for my first vampire romantic suspense, and am working on the ones for the others in the story, revamping my webpage, and redoing 3 more covers. Another is done, but I still need to work on 3 more, and then I’ll make some fun videos for each of them. I made two more yesterday for others.

When I was thirteen, my mother took me to see Dracula, a play at a local community college, and I fell in love with the count. He deserved to love and be loved in return. That’s how I felt. Poor guy.

In this story, the huntress is NOT falling for the vampire… But there’s a twist. Oh, and I worked at Fort Hood where she’s stationed, so some of the places she’s at, I was at.

Okay, I’ve got to get to writing. I have edits on You Had Me at Jaguar due on Friday, baby will be here two days a week now until next summer, and I’m still trying to reach the end on the Silver Town wolf book. I am having fun watching the birds too–there are three red-bellied woodpeckers flying back and forth to the feeder, I saw two hummingbirds yesterday, a monarch butterfly, a number of blue jays, and a family of cardinals are all over the place this morning. I’m in fairy bird heaven.

Killing the Bloodlust cover new blue swords2 with font 2000

ISBN: 9781458006721

Crystal Anderson is unique, a huntress who is unable to kill vampires without getting emotionally involved. So when a vampire targets her to be his mate–she’s got to change her tune, or become the creature she’s supposed to kill. Hunter Robert Parker is in Texas to take down the vampire that murdered his sister. When he runs into Crystal, his priorities become something much more grave.

Army officer Crystal Anderson can’t help the draw she has to vampires, although she’s supposed to be drawn to them to kill those who are renegades since she’s a born huntress. But something about her is different. Ostracized from her family, she lives precariously on her own. That is until a local vampire targets her. Then she meets a fellow Army officer Robert Parker–who she believes is one of them–a vampire or blood host, or something. Suddenly, nothing is the same.Army officer Robert Parker is on assignment at Fort Hood, Texas, trying to track down the vampire who murdered his sister after hours. When he spies Crystal coming out of a vampire house, he assumes she’s a human host, and that she can lead him to his murderer. Except he’s drawn to her like a hunter would be to a huntress, until he learns she’s not quite right. She’s fighting alone without a family of hunters’ support, and he’s bound to do something about it before she gets herself killed…or worse.



Have a great day! Have to get going!!!


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