Mushroom in Darkness and Light

When I went out with the dogs early, I saw this fantastic mushroom. I’d seen only its “pole,” the day before, but then the next morning it was a wonderful creation. I used a lantern on one side of it and and a flashlight to the left. If I’d had more time, I would have played with the lighting more but the baby was on her way.

And the other is another capture of the fritillary butterfly.

I was thinking about the story as I was revising it last night after baby left and thought it wasn’t as anti-climatic as it needed to be at the end. I sometimes do that, write the scene, revise it a few times, and then realize what needs to be changed. So it made it much better. And I need to add another scene. So it’s done, except for writing one more scene and making the changes I made last night on the typed out pages!

I spent this morning also setting up another external hard drive so that I could save all my stories on another drive in case my other hard drive crashes. I need to save them in another place too…just to be safe. I have lost earlier stories I’ve written due to computer crashes. And I FINALLY got smart and found a paper stand so I could set up my pages to type from. AND I got a mini reading light to clamp on it so I can read what I’ve typed and the changes I made. It’s so dark in the room, no matter if all the windows are open, the lights on, I strained to read the changes. So I’m finally, after 2 and 1/2 years, getting myself better organized. Since I’m at this ALL the time, it was time!

Yesterday, I took baby out to see the zinnias in all their lovely colors and I usually tell her what each color is. But what I found that was so wonderful was a little hummingbird sitting on an oak’s twig right above the zinnias. Okay, that convinced me. Next year, I’m going to plant a ton of zinnia in the backyard too! I just wished I had my camera to capture it since he was just sitting there, and soooo close to us.

I’m off to work on the story!

Have a super Saturday!


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