Thanksgiving Bears

I was asked if I had a Thanksgiving bear because several of my teddy bear enthusiasts decorate for all the holidays with my teddy bears. So these are two that I made for the Thanksgiving holidays. My teddy bear orders are stacking up (Halloween bear, new baby bear, wizard bear, Steampunk bear, panda bear with tartan sash and bonnet, butterscotch bear with tartan sash and bonnet, and a larger size bear), but I finished Silver Town, and now I’m working on first edits on SEAL Wolf Surrender and I have several promo blogs to do for A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas. It’s releasing October. I’m halfway through on edits for SEAL Wolf Surrender, so hope I can finish that today and turn it in tomorrow then do the promo blogs, and begin working on bears. And then I’m shuffling between Claiming the White Bear and Stryker’s Cougar story.

Oh, and Flo Featherspoon Steampunk Bear is off to her forever home.

With reading and doing edits, I walked 5 miles yesterday!

Okay, I’m off to edit and exercise! We had a 107 degree heat index yesterday. I’ll be so glad when it starts to cool down! But we can have another month of heat…so I need to think of snow and fall and winter and ice and cold… We’ve been having thunderstorms, some off in the distance, thunder rumbling, huge thunderheads, and no rain.

Hope your day is just the way you like it! Have a great one!


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