Blue Octopus Saga Continues

Blue Sky Ceramic 10

Not again! I was on the chatline on Amazon again, trying to get rid of the charges for the the teapot that keeps revisiting me in my nightmares. I did not want it, Sam I Am. Not in a house or with a mouse. Not on a boat or with a goat. I do not want it, Sam I Am!

So quit charging me for something you tell me that has been returned, 3 times!

Okay, now that I have that off my chest, I feel better. Until the next time. To be continued…

Hopefully not!

You know, if I wrote this in a book, everyone would think it was pure fiction.

I took this picture in Minnesota of a chickadee on a little red barn feeder.

So I was nearly finished with reading SEAL Wolf Surrender last night, but I have to keep taking breaks so I don’t start skimming over the words. That’s how I normally read books, so it’s hard to break that habit when I need to edit. I did walk 4.6 miles while I’ve been doing this though.

We have another scorcher today! Have a great one, and may you never be visited by a blue octopus you don’t want. Ever.


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2 thoughts on “Blue Octopus Saga Continues

  1. Morning my Lady, have a great day 😉 ♥
    hope the Blue octopus teapot has been taking care off.
    we cooled to the high 70s yesterday maybe today too.
    got a little over 2 inches of rain last night, still drizzling.

    • Oh good for you! It’s going to be 107 heat index today, no rain in sight. We sure could use some. I’m glad it cooled down for you! Enjoy your beautiful day! 🙂

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