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We had rain! Yay! 2 inches! Want more! Those are my dogs, and the black and white tuxedo cat looks like like the one I had for 16 years. I’d taken her in from the Kitty Welfare Society in New Jersey, a group of sweet ladies who fostered cats until they could find a home for them. She was the sweetest thing, talked to me, talked back to me, played with me. Loved her dearly.

Okay, so sometimes writing another book will prompt a scene from the book I was stuck on. Naturally. I mean, it has nothing to do with the other book, but I was making hot English Breakfast Tea, and there I had it! The new conflict I needed for Claiming the White Bear. Anyway, it’s the beginning and I jotted down the scene. But I also wrote a couple more pages of Cougar Magic late last night, so I’m staying on track. Though my daily word goal is 2,000, sometimes I set higher goals–like yesterday wanting to reach the halfway mark, then wanting to reach OVER the halfway mark. Now I need to start figuring out how to end the book. I want to get to 40,000 today, so that means writing 3,000.

So I wrote the polar bear scene to get me started on that book, but now, I’m off to type my notes from last night and get cracking. Except, the dogs want out again. Don’t they know how that interrupts my train of of thought? *sigh*

Have a great one, looking for more rain today!

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