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So I wrote 4,000 on the new novella, but then when I was reading it over late last night, I knew my hero was way too wimpy. I was going to use the male nurse from Destiny of the Wolf, he was a new hire and nothing is known about him. But then he is in Wolf Fever, a few stories later, and he is protective of the heroine, in a way that says he’d like to date her. So he was scratched off my list for being the hero of the novella this early on. Would anyone remember? YES! Some of my fans re-read the stories in a sub-series every time there’s a new release. They remember all the details way better than I do.


So then I had two secret admirers who sent flowers to the heroine in the clinic. One of them could be revealed! So that’s where I got my wimpy hero. NOT working. So rethinking it again.

What about a receptionist? Okay, so the receptionist at the wolf-run clinic died in Destiny of the Wolf. She was a bad wolf. Good on her. And so far, in Wolf Fever, nothing much is mentioned about her–just receptionist. It’s not that I forget to name people, but I have so many characters, I don’t want to confuse readers.

In Jake Silver’s story, Dreaming of the Wolf, no mention of a receptionist. In CJ Silver’s story, A Silver Wolf Christmas, no mention of a receptionist. Woohoo, I think I have my heroine. Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply, Eric Silver’s story, no receptionist.  Between a Wolf and a Hard Place, no receptionist.  And in Silver Wolves Making Spirits Bright, Peter Jorgenson and Meghan MacTire, no receptionist. Yay!

So I have my heroine, the newly created crossbow competitor, prior army, and the hero is a mystery man and now I can make him all alpha. I loved her role in the beginning, so I don’t need to change any of that. I had that he was a green beret and that he’d seen her briefly, two ships passing in the night, and that part I liked. I just need to revise the opening a lot. And then I just need to finish writing the story! I did get the bear off the ice floe and I finished a bear last night…so moving right along…

And that’s how it all begins…it’s easier, sometimes, just creating new characters, a new world, no boundaries. It can be more of a challenge fitting characters into already created worlds, but challenges are the name of the game.

Okay, off to get busy!!!

Have a super wonderful day where you can meet all your challenges and come out the winner!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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