When You’re Seeing Dragons…

It might not be a figment of your imagination!

Cool dragon, right? I wanted to move him over to my house. He’s in my next-door neighbor’s yard.  I write about the dragon fae, so see? It could be one of the fae dragon shifters!

Dragon Fae

(The World of Fae, Book 5)

Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Romance » Fantasy

Seeking to save Cassie from the dark fae, Princess Alicia runs into trouble in the form of dangerous fae seers. A dragon fae, who is different from all the rest, is sent to locate and rescue her. Simple mission. All Ena has to do is find the princess and return her home. Except nothing is simple in the world of the fae. Not when two fae kingdoms are involved. And humans. And fae seers. And all the trouble that can cause.

Fearing losing Alicia, Prince Deveron is ready to eliminate his own cousin for all the trouble he has caused over Alicia’s best friend, Cassie, a human she grew up with. But Micala is not giving her up, even if it means taking drastic measures.

And Ena has her own troubles when this one little mission turns into a nightmare of epic proportions.





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It was cool out this morning and felt like fall and winter might really be coming! So refreshing! I’m editing Day of the Wolf again, after doing research for arrow wounds and decided that the bad guy would probably be dead before he could come back for round two. lol I love creating stories and doing research. And editing is fine when I make sure I get it right. I wrote nearly 2,000 words yesterday after baby left too! Only 4,000 words to go to make minimum word count!

Off to move dirt while it’s nice and cool, edit, and run errands, and write!

If you find a beautiful dragon like this pop into your yard, just send him my way. I’m sure he’s one of mine! Have a great day!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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