Making Progress!

The problem with having so many stories I want to write, before I hunker down and really just finish one, is that they plague me in the middle of the night. So I couldn’t sleep, and I kept seeing scenes of vampires (my teen stories), and the fae, and they’re not in the same stories. lol

I did manage to write 5,000 words on Woodland Fae yesterday, walked 6.8 miles, and finished re-reading Day of the Wolf! And I added some to Night of the Vampire.

So I”m off to work on Woodland Fae. About 40,000 words to go! But every day it will get closer to the end.

Have a beautiful day!

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2 thoughts on “Making Progress!

  1. OMG
    Terry Honest you amaze me…I will no get 1/10 of what you accomplish in one day
    I’m trying picturing you in my mind, you walk in a machine and Read at the same time?
    but…I can not visualize moving and at the same time reading…no way I could follow the writing 🙁
    Take care

    • lol, it’s actually a jogging square. I walk or jog while I’m reading a book and editing it. I set my keyboard up on some books to elevate it so I can type any changes, and my mouse is elevated next to it so I can move down the page. I listen to music to keep me motivated. I only have 2.6 miles today. I have been doing too much writing, and when I’m writing scenes, I can’t walk. lol

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