The End! Night of the Wolf

The end means I can work on another book, woohoo! I’m always excited to start a new one, BUT, I have to admit, like in a 12-step program, I have tons started!!!!

Here’s is my VERY partial list.

Claiming the White Bear–18,000 words

Woodland Fae–8800 words (I didn’t even know I had started it!)

Bite of the Vampire–(Blood Moon Series, book 2) 8400 words

Night of the Vampire (Blood Moon Series, book 3)–13600 words–do you see a problem here? YES! I have written more of the 3rd book in the series than in the 2nd. Kiss of the Vampire has been out for a long while. I need to finish these two books.)

And that is just a tiny drop in the bucket. When I’m beginning a new book (or continuing a new book as in this case), I’ll re-read a few other stories I’ve started to see if I can get anywhere with them.

After I finished Day of the Wolf, and before I re-read it one last time, I added more to Bite of the Vampire and Night of the Vampire last night. This morning, I’m re-reading Woodland Fae. Claiming the White Bear and Woodland Fae are supposed to be out this year, and Cougar Magic also (which is with a beta reader for now). Maybe I can finish Bite of the Vampire too….

It feels great to finish something, but I often have to stop to do edits on other books, or write other books with deadlines, so then I have to put these books aside. See? I have a good reason. I’m going to have to start writing the next 3 wolf books, for one thing.

Okay, I’m off to read Day of the Wolf and try to catch any mistakes, see if I’ve covered all my bases, and send it off to my beta reader! Then it’s off to one of the other books… It’s like Christmas! Who gets to have me come play with them for a while? And if I really can’t put the book down, it gets finished first.

Have a great one!!!

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