Ice Cream and Me–Brainstorming in My Fantasy World

A visit to a fun ice cream shop, and my fantasy version of me brainstorming on the Woodland Fae. I am 35,000 words into the book, but I was working on Claiming the White Bear yesterday, 3200 words done, thereabouts. I need to type up the notes and it’s usually more than I think. Going to the zoo today, so ready to capture some great pictures. I hope. Sometimes the animals are perfect models, sometimes not.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Ice Cream and Me–Brainstorming in My Fantasy World

  1. Good evening Terry, I hope you all have a Great Time
    WOW is a little after 7 pm and you are at 86 F
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend

    • The weather is way too hot here and usually the heat index is 10 degrees higher. Awful. I’m ready for a cool down. 🙂

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