Feels Like Fall!!!!

Okay, so while baby was here yesterday, I created these and I actually managed to write 3,000 words on Woodland Fae. I was feeling glum because I hadn’t written any on it in the last few days. My goal was to be at 35,000 today. With 33K done, I’ll make it!

I went out and pulled up all the zinnia from one of my biggest flowerbeds this morning. It’s garbage day and I had three, 40-gal sacks of zinnia and weeds to put out in the coooooool weather. Oh, it’s wonderful! Though I was still killing mosquitoes like crazy. I have two more zinnia beds, but those are still flowering really well.

A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas

Woohoo, a great review at Fresh Fiction! “Danger and holiday delights are perfectly balanced in this tale of werewolf doctors in love!” In A BILLIONAIRE WOLF FOR CHRISTMAS, two doctors fall in love and save the werewolf world one wolf at a time. Terry Spear crafts a story that is homespun, full of humor and family unity, and tops it off with a few thrills and a sparkling romance. I look forward to Terry Spear’s next wolf shifter romance. ~~Mandy Owen


Cougar Magic is now available in print!

She doesn’t think she needs a hero, but he’s taking the job.

Deputy Sheriff and cougar Stryker Hill is not on duty when the sheriff asks him to check out a possible break-in of a resident’s home while they are away on a cruise. What he doesn’t expect is to find the beautiful and mysterious cougar he’d seen at a Christmas charity where he was showing his abs off as Santa Clause. But she’s got some moves to rival his own as she takes him down and he’s left wondering who she really is and how he’s going to keep her from leaving Yuma Town before he learns the truth.

Cougar shifter Nina Lamar has to protect her sister from the pharmacist who laid the blame on her for his thievery, and Nina has to help clear her sister’s name. But now Nina’s got the sexy Santa on her case, and she needs to deal with him first. She has to admit he’s just as hot as when she’d first seen him, but the guys who are after her sister, are after her too now. She to needs save them both before it’s too late. Too bad Stryker thinks she’s one of the bad guys, unless she can prove otherwise. That’s hard to do when her visions are the only proof of why she’s there in the first place. But time is running out, and she has to save her sister—nothing else matters…except the sexy deputy sure can be a hot distraction on the cold, snowy nights.


I still need to get help from Apple for their iTunes Producer for my keychain issue.

It feels so good to be cool!!! Okay, I have to do a million things and write my word count today, so I’m off and running.

Have a great one!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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