A Fae Day–but off to The World of Elves


Today has been a fae day!!!!! Which means that everything that could go wrong, could go wrong. First, I was taking out the trash and bringing in my Halloween decoration and the puppies got out. I LOVE my neighbors. One of the men tried to chase the two down, got one home, alerting me that they had sneaked out the front door when I hadn’t properly closed it. And then two other neighbors chased Max down. I walked, drove around the neighborhoods, couldn’t find him, but when I got home, Eugene Ping had him in his truck. THANK YOU! I don’t believe Max would have figured out how to get home. Dumb dog. Don’t they know that that’s where they get all their loving?????

But the fae day wasn’t just mine. When I took my car in to get an oil change, the one guy there had lost a customer’s keys, and the guy working on my car left his phone in my vehicle. Thankfully, I had stopped by Starbucks for a peppermint mocha to make myself feel better and saw his phone. I was able to swing around and return to the oil change place and drop off the phone. Had I gone to the grocery store like where I was headed next first, it would have been a real mess trying to get back to the oil change place. (Is it too evil of me to be glad that the fae don’t only mess with me???)

Anyway, so it’s been a fae day.

On the way home from the grocery store yesterday, I saw a wild red baby pig. I so wished I could have stopped the car and gotten a picture!!!! I’ve heard they are in our woods, but I had never seen one.

We were under tornado watch last night until 10 pm for Halloween. I had lots of trick-or-treaters before I took baby home to her parents and had dinner and watched Hocus Pocus with them. We had a great time. But I had to leave to go home during the brunt of the storm, 5″ of rain, could barely see the road and it was flooded, but luckily, everyone was really driving slow, couldn’t believe it. Usually, it doesn’t matter how bad the conditions, you always have someone rushing to get somewhere. At least I didn’t have to worry about kids out looking for candy.

So I’m off to work on Darkland Elf. I’ve promised it FOREVER, and it’s been on my TBA list in all my books FOREVER, so it’s about to finally be done. Then it’s back to: The Witch and the Jaguar, Woodland Fae, and Claiming the White Bear.

Okay, so here’s the deal. I’m signed up for National Novel Writing Month, but you can only list one book in there. I found on the forums a group who are like me! Yay! I couldn’t imagine I was so unique. Yes, we are all working on multiple manuscripts. And like me, we want to work on all of them. With NaNoMo, you are supposed to get at least 50K done on one. I can’t. I need to finish Darkland Fae (already at word count), write 20K on The Witch and the Warlock, 30K on Woodland Fae, and not sure on Claiming the White Bear. 🙂 So I’m working on as many projects as I can to finish some of them up this month.

I will get 50,000 words for NaNoMo, but it will be for multiple stories.

AND, I got Day of the Wolf back that I need to read over, an I have edits for Silver Town Christmas I need to go over.

Now that the dogs are home safe and sound, and I’ve run my errands, it’s time to get cracking on the books!

Hope you have an UN-Fae Day.


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