Continuing with the Story & Sleeping Caterpillars

Yesterday, I had the baby and she fights sleep unless she falls asleep on my shoulder as I’m walking her. But I can’t walk her like that for two hours, so I tried to put her down, and nope, she wakes and has a fit. Walking then won’t work, because mean grandma will try to put her down again. So after hours of doing all sorts of fun things, I know she has to sleep. She’s clingy, tired, and so I think: Stroller walk! We walked the half a mile to my daughter’s development and I figured I’d take her to their play park, but every time I hit that area, she’s sound asleep. Yay! So I walk back to my house and she sleeps in the stroller.

She woke after an hour and half and I cuddled her in my arms and she slept for another half hour. But, I was also able to work on Darkland Elf and wrote another 2200 words. Once she went home, I also finished proofing Day of the Wolf, so am getting ready to turn that in today. Then back to Darkland Elf. I hope to finish writing it this weekend, then work on Woodland Fae or The Witch and the Jaguar, whichever comes to me. With this one, it’s practically writing itself, which is why I’m not stopping on the story. I also need to edit my Silver Town Christmas book next. No contract for the next wolf books yet, so continuing on my merry way to finish up other books too.

As to all of these sleepy little critters, they were having conversations of their own. Sleepy butterflies, and sleepy caterpillars. “Hey, George, you ate all the leaves!”

And: “Raindrops keep falling on my head, back, antenna, give me a break out here. I’m already cold enough!”

And that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

Have a super wonderful weekend. Off to write!


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