Seeing What’s Before Your Very Eyes

Can you imagine walking in the dark and running into Mr. Teeth??? The exhibit was so dark, you could barely see the alligator, except for one light shining down on the center. A pretty yellow tree: fall colors on a walk in a forest. Do you take a walk and can’t see the beauty in isolated spots? Or the whole beauty of the forest surrounding you? And here’s a nifty way to create something fun–an old watering can filled with flowers. If I did that, I doubt the plant would last for long–too much water, not enough water. And a beautiful butterfly in a butterfly house, posing for a picture.

I finished The Witch and the Jaguar! Or mostly. Now I’m editing. I woke to thinking: What are they doing with the 2nd house. Whose home are they going to live in? Did they say: I love you? They missed Thanksgiving! So I need to mention a few things. I’ve added a few things to the story already this morning so I wouldn’t forget. But otherwise, the story is done from beginning to end!

My piranha puppies are anxiously bugging me to feed them because they are going to perish on the spot if I don’t. They’re a couple of drama dogs.

Hope you’re enjoying the rest of the weekend. I’m off to work!! Well, food for puppies first. *sigh*


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