Darkland Elf, 8 Years in the Making!

See? Never give up, never surrender! Believe me, I don’t write THAT fast! I have a lot of books I start and then don’t have the time to finish right away. Even Claiming the White Bear I started last Christmas, but had to stop to write wolf and jaguar stories. Little bit, by little bit, they finally are finished.



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As a motivational inspirer, Eloria’s mission is to convince her friend Persephonice to leave the elf world behind. She knows that if she can’t, she will be stuck in their world herself. But what she finds in the primitive elf world is magic and a connection she never thought possible.
Viator is a prince of the darkland elves and captures one of those extraordinary creatures like Persephonice to turn over to his father, but his people worry about the prophecy where a girl from another world would take over their kingdom. He’s not giving her up as he realizes he needs her to help fulfill his mission to make his wings transparent. And she has to see where his dangerous quests will take them both…if they can survive the trials.

I got back from the Thanksgiving trip and am playing catch up all over the place. Got some really great shots at the zoo so will share for the next few days. Put up my Christmas tree last night, some lights out front just a few minutes ago, but still need to finish decorating. Baby loved the ghost out front for Halloween and would talk to it, so I picked up a “crystal” snowman that she can talk to for out front. They don’t talk back. lol So it’s a one-sided conversation.

Despite all that we did, Thanksgiving, the zoo, and signed books at the Barnes and Noble in Waco, I managed to squish in 9000 words for Woodland Fae.

Okay, I’m off and running. I need to make a list so I can keep track of everything I need to do. I had no food in the house either, so had to do some grocery shopping… And I realized I had published Darkland Elf on Thursday morning before we went to Waco for Thanksgiving, but I didn’t have any time to tell the world!

One of my beta readers sent back corrections for the The Witch and the Jaguar, need the other’s still and then need to format the cover for the is book. So it should be coming out soon.

In the meantime? I’m taking a break and  having lunch. I’ll send this bear to keep an eye on you. What beady little eyes and what a long tongue he has!

Have a great day!


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